Digital Strategy

For the last several years, Jonathan has been deeply involved looking at the dynamics, implications, business models and investment opportunities in insurance created by the tectonic shift due to digitalization, customer centricity and InsurTech.

The disruptive forces are great:  fast moving InsurTech startups are receiving unprecedented funding, customers are demanding high quality digital experiences and insurance companies are struggling to make sense of it all, adapt their systems and processes, and stake out unique positioning.  The stakes are high, and the work is complex.

Jonathan works with insurance companies to “cross the digital chasm”, by building linkages and connections between the expertise, wisdom and experience of insurance companies and the digital insight of InsurTech startups.

Other times Jonathan helps insurance companies think through new approaches to deal with this digital age; his past experience at building one of the top Internet Accelerators gives him unique and valuable insight as primary insurers and reinsurers wade into the Incubator, Accelerator, Investor landscape.

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