Business Strategy

What constitutes a good strategy? What’s the objective or goal?

Strategy sets a course for the business, and as such, it creates alignment on all activities. It helps determine what to say “yes” to, and more importantly, what to say “no” to. Time, money, people — these are the essential assets that are precious and must be used wisely. A clear strategy lets an organization focus, focus, focus so that the chances of hitting the organization’s goals are increased.

Strategy, when done correctly, is dynamic, alive and uplifting. It changes and adapts as new information is presented, as competitors and entrants and regulation and economies shift and move.

Strategy should be closely interwoven to an organization’s Unique Selling Proposition (“USP”), and ideally strategic planning efforts should drive out ways to ensure that products, services and solutions are at a minimum differentiated, and ideally, unique.

Jonathan is an expert on strategy — it is his core competency. He is known for his ability to help organizations envision the future, to peer into the “crystal ball” and to see alternative paths, and from these insights select the path(s) that will be most successful and fruitful.

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