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2023 Seminar Series: Generative AI

Sponsored by SAS
Co-hosted by Mike Fitzgerald and Jonathan Kalman

Advanced Analytics: The Chief Risk Officer Perspective | Ari Moskowitz


Advanced Analytics: Walk in the Insurance Regulator’s Shoes | Sean Kevelighan


Advanced Analytics and an Insurer’s Fiduciary Responsibilities | Bruce Baty


Advanced Analytics: Co-Pilot for the Insurance Industry | Robert Pick


AI and the Board: Bias, Control and Trust | Marvin Pestcoe


Generative AI: A View From the Business | Peter L. Miller

Peter L. Miller, President and CEO of The Institutes, began his career as a computer programmer for an insurer. Now, he runs the premier knowledge-sharing organization in US insurance. His unique perspective is helpful to leaders wrestling with the opportunities and risks involved in analytics, AI, and new tools like generative AI. This is the full length recording of his interview on these topics.

Generative AI: What Boards of Directors Should Consider | Jose Ribeiro

Jose Ribeiro is the Chairman of the Board of Starr Insurance. He discusses the risks and opportunities involved in AI, machine learning, and generative AI models. While business have much to gain, they also have significant risks that must be managed.

Insuring the World’s Food | Dr. Lysa Porth

Dr. Lysa Porth, is an actuary, finance professor, dean of academics, and entrepreneur. She is a leading expert on how to apply analytics to farms and agribusiness. This is the full video in the series in which she discusses the opportunities for insurers to use data and analytics in their products and risk management practices.