Insurance is an amazing industry. We insure that which is most precious to us. Our health. Our life. Our homes. Our businesses. Insurance is essential to the wellbeing of our personal and business lives, and forms the bedrock on which we build safe and thriving societies.

To those outside the industry, insurance appears “staid” and even “boring”. But inside, it is a complex, sophisticated, subtle, technical and truly global industry. Understanding risk, managing risk, pricing risk — this is non-trivial and requires patience, insight and thoughtfulness. Designing relevant products, and efficiently distributing these products, requires creativity and sales leadership. Innovating new technology while managing existing technical environments requires constant juggling, prioritization and shifting of resources. Managing the balance sheet, dealing with regulators, finding ways to prudently grow assets — all ask for the best minds and decision makers. Staid? Boring? Insurance is anything but that.

Moreover, this is an industry that is on the cusp of incredible change, as forces all around the industry are creating an environment that requires adaptation, evolution and even revolution. Innovation. Disruption. Digitalization. These are no longer mere “buzzwords”, but these are truly apt descriptions of what is happening right now. The industry is being disrupted. Insurance companies must innovate. And digitalization is not going away.

I look forward to joining you in this new world of insurance. May you find it exciting, stimulating, challenging and rewarding!

Thrilled to celebrate this important milestone!
Well done to CHAMPtitles on their $8.5mn Series A raise #insuretech #technolgy #insurance
Thrilled to co-lead the investment into CHAMPtitles with Michael Nannizzi and W. R. Berkley Corporation. This is a non-sexy, deep-tech company solving a MAJOR pain point as the auto industry, used car industry, auto salvage and auto insurance moves online…



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Jonathan is General Partner of Eos Venture Partners and is a venture capitalist and a growth investor, focused on Fintech and Insurtech. He has invested in startups, spinouts and carveouts, and has realized billions in equity value.

Never content to just read about trends, Jonathan spends over half his time traveling across the US, Canada, Asia, UK and Europe, meeting with management teams, insurance companies and other investors, providing him with unique, personal insight into innovation, disruption and digital adoption.

Advisory Services


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Jonathan is a hands-on investor, team builder and executive, and is renowned for his willingness to “roll up his sleeves” to create business value and help organizations adapt, thrive and capitalize on opportunities created by innovation and digital disruption.

Like everyone, there are certain things that Jonathan does well, and that he loves to do, and by focusing on these things he can help businesses achieve their goals.

As an investor, these are some of the things that Jonathan can do to “add value” as he works with management teams to achieve their objectives. Other times, Jonathan works as an advisor to private equity firms, corporations, software firms and IT services firms to help create a dramatic shift in business results.

In all situations, Jonathan is known for his keen insights, creative problem solving, compelling communication skills and financial acumen.

About Jonathan


With over 18 years of investment experience in InsurTech and FinTech, Jonathan has looked at many, many businesses, technologies and business models. Unrelentingly curious, he is an optimist by nature, and once committed, is driven to achieve real, tangible results.

Jonathan is “old school” in believing that relationships form the foundation of business, and travels globally to meet and listen to executives, business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors.

As an investor and entrepreneur, Jonathan has experienced failure, and thus is able to appreciate those times when he has had success, savoring several IPOs and sales of companies. Never one to watch from the sidelines, Jonathan is able to support the growth of the company and assume many and varied roles.

Whether working as an entrepreneur, intrapreneur or investor, Jonathan is known for his uncanny ability to see opportunities and various pathways to success, and then mobilize resources whether money, people or companies to realize business value.

An avid art collector and an accomplished chef, Jonathan misses his days as a part-time Saab mechanic while attending university in Ithaca, NY. He loves adventure travel and is particularly fond of Ecuador, Peru and the Amazon, where he supports conservation efforts and work with indigenous healers.

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